You have 4 businesses in life!

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Four Business of Life by Mind Stories

How many times in your life that you just feel there are so many things to do but there are little time to do it? Actually this is not something that just happen to you, it happens to everybody equally. Let’s find out how.

Number one is managing things that you need to do, and number two is understand when to do them. So, how do we start. The first thing to understand is that there are 4 businesses in our life. Number 1 is called my business, number 2 your business, number 3 their business and number 4 someone else’s business. If you notice that you spend a great deal of time try to get involved with other people’s business, but many times you don’t really look inside yourself and see what are the time that require you to engage with them. And what are actually your responsibilities in a whole day? There are actually only four responsibilities;

Responsibility towards your physical health
Responsibility towards your physical health

Number 1 this responsibility towards your physical well-being, everything about your health.

Number 2 responsibility towards your social life, everybody around you, every relationships that you got, you need to look after them.

Number 3 responsibilities towards your profession, it’s about your job about making a living.

Number 4 responsibility towards your mind to maintain the state of calm sense of peaceful mind so that you can have that sense of willpower to keep going with different tasks if you’re really noticed that there are only four things that you really have to manage within that limited time frame of your life.

The question is how. First of all, your day begins when you go to sleep, it doesn’t begin when you get up. When you go to sleep, if you already planned your day before you go to sleep, then after getting up from calm sound sleep, everything will go according to the plan, then your life will become more settled. It doesn’t feel overwhelming, but if you expect to plan it after you get up, you are already too late, one step behind, as a result, you feel that you have to run around and try to catch up on everything, which seem to be too late all the time. So, this first tip can be very helpful which is planning your day before going to sleep.

Second, sometimes there are so many things in life that require your presence all at once and you cannot keep up with them at all. So, the key is how to prioritize them, and the key to know the priority is to take a short break. Whenever you feel life is going too fast, pause it, take a deep breath, close your eyes, listen to the sound around you, connect with the center of yourself within yourself, take a short break.

It’s like if you are being dragged into different directions, you cannot keep up with the speed of everything because they’re moving so fast. What you need to do is to disconnect with everything, then all the requires will be in front of you. You can see the priority, then you can choose to engage.

If you do so, after you open your eyes, you will notice that instead of being dragged around by the speed of everything around you. You will control the speed. You can choose to engage, to interact with everything and that’s when you take control of your life again. Remember, you will never have enough time to do everything but you have more than enough time to do the things that you need to do.

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