It’s possible to control your thoughts.

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I don’t want to think about negative thought but somehow I just could not control it” — Let’s hear the advice from monk Pasura what we have to do to deal with this issue.

Human mind has two modes; thinking modes and consciousness mode, and it’s normal that we switch between the two. The thinking mode is when we use our mind in everything; when we go to work, when we are with our friends, with our partner, when we engaged with different activities. And in the thinking mode it keeps simulating many events; events of the past, event of the future, even event of the present, but it’s not reality because it’s a simulation but we feel so real and that is what we called wandering thought in that simulation.

On the other hand, the consciousness mode is the mind when it becomes conscious and aware of what it does one thing at a time. It’s like when you standing by the river but you don’t jump into the river until you get wet, so this is the difference. The prob lem is, human mind is always on the thinking mode on autopilot. It’s like a plan that’s on autopilot all the time, so we tend to keep wandering into different thoughts, different thoughts, different thought. So then, it means that only the time when we become on the manual flight or when we try to practice our mind to activate the consciousness mode then we will become less wandering and become more focus and attentive. So, the question is how can we activate the consciousness mode more often and the keys is all about practicing and making a habit.

The first thing that you can do is to take a pause and reset your mind before beginning every activity in your life; before you start your meal, before you start your car, before you begin your class, before you start your meeting. You can simply close your eyes, take a deep breath, feel everything around you, connect with the center.Just one minute of that short break, it allows you to reactivate that consciousness mode of the mind. When you do it more often, you will get used to resetting your mind before beginning everything so your consciousness mode become activated more often.

Second, try to be aware in everything that you do by inserting activities that you do in your life with something called mindfulness. For example, when you brush your teeth, what are you thinking? It’s usually every single thing besides your teeth. When you’re brushing your teeth, the most important thing is inside your mouth, so you can simply implement something like counting the time you brush your teeth or to become more gentle on placing items on the floor or to become more tidy in putting things into places. Those little things that you do and you apply it. It actually helps you to become more aware and focus on that task, as a result, you will activate the consciousness mode of the mind. So, remember the two modes of the mind; the thinking mode,and the consciousness mode. The more often you can activate the consciousness mode, then you have less wandering thought.

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