How to deal with anxiety and depression

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Anxiety and depressions are problems that a lot of people are suffering significantly these days. They are caused by problems and situations that arousing their lives.

Everything that happens around us can be triggers that cause anxiety and depression whether it’s about our job, our kids, our relationships, deadlines, projects. These are actually what is happening that will trigger the depression and anxiety because these symptoms are result or the body that already been stimulated, so that we can become more energetic to engage with them, but after it’s been running for some time, our mind started to decline, so that we started to develop these emotional burdens. So, the key is to understand the bottom line of how to deal with these anxieties and depression, and that is the ability to adjust, adapt to stressor. The question is that “How can we do that?”

Mindfulness is the main key of how to readjust our mind and adapt ourselves to the stressor. For example, normally our mind is always connected with everything in our life, whether it’s about our job, our kids, as I have been mentioning before. As long as we are connected to it, it continues to trigger and continue to influence our mind, our emotions to be stimulated and until suffer from depression and anxiety.

If we are able to take one step back, disconnect our mind, shift our attention to something else, choose to connect with something else that is more positive, then our mind no longer be under the influence of those triggers or stressor. As a result, we will become more calm more stable, so the key is to develop the habit to be more mindful about it. And the practice is as simple as learning how to “pause your mind in a day”.

The moment that you pause, is the moment you can shift. So, each and every single day that goes by, start by before engaging in any activities, whether you’re gonna be starting your meal, starting your work, before your meeting, before starting your car, take one step back, take a long deep breath, close your eyes, center yourself, feel your environment. That short moment when you take pause is when you can delay everything and use to readjust yourself and that’s when you get your psychological

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