You can be punctual by habits

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Being punctual is all about responsibility and commitment. So, the question is that how we can develop that sense of commitment.

Commitment is a habit. When people started to develop the sense of habit to be committed on the time management or the time that they planned then they tend to have the responsibility towards the time with everybody and everything. They will stop one thing that people hate ‘PROCRASTINATING ’ And the way to start this is very simple,

Plan your day before you go to sleep.

Remember begin when you go to sleep not after getting up because that means you are already late. If you are already plan when to go to sleep, and when to get up, and what to do afterwards. then , you are already have a certain kind of overview look of how your day would be. Then you can slowly keep up with that. You have a certain kind of guideline, it’s very very helpful.

Always get up without snoozing.

And this is the key because the moment when you start snoozing is actually the first thing in your day that you start procrastinating. As a result, you will end up procrastinating every single thing in your life. I can wait another five minute for this, I can use another 10 more minutes for that, it’s okay to be 10 minutes late here, and there. As a result you keep accumulating that being late in the whole day until you are late in every single thing.

So, remember, if you want to stop procrastinating and being on time, it’s about making up your mind to be making definite decision that this is the time to get up, this is the time to stop, this is the time to go, this is the time to finish. When you started doing so, you will develop one thing, it is to make definite decision and a sense of will power. When you keep doing repeatedly, it will become your habit and that’s when you can become punctual by habit, by automatic and become very responsible and committed all the task. So, two things ‘’plan your day before go to sleep’’ ‘’and “always get up without snoozing’’.

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