5 False Beliefs About Meditation

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We might have heard the saying says  “We are what we repeatedly do.”  which could be apply with both on life and also on meditation.

As same as in meditation,  it has been the mainstream of modern Western culture, practiced by everyone from business executives, artists, teachers, students, and politicians. Despite the high popularity of meditation, it also has some misunderstandings that prevent people from trying meditation, and doing it the right way.

Here are a summary of 5 False Beliefs about Meditation that Ven. John Paramai, a Theravada Buddhist monk who has been teaching meditation for 9 years was talking about on Mind Stories ‘s Facebook group.

1.Perfect posture is needed.

Truth: We don’t have to pay too much attention to it because it will make us get distracted very easily. Keep in mind that we meditate in order to help us feel relaxed and free our mind. So, we’d  better ask ourselves whether we are doing it for our well-being or to be featured on Instagram.

2.One need to be gifted to meditate.

Truth: The first thing we need for the meditation is the willingness. Many great meditators struggled but they didn’t stop trying. It’s true that the initial state of our mind contributes a lot to a good session. If we feel happy and we have no worry, it’s much easier to meditate.

3.We can stop thinking completely on the very first session.

Truth: There are both a YES and a NO answer. If we do it right for one or few seconds, we will be able to reach the state of calmness and peace eventually. But without practice, we can’t keep that state long. So, on the very first session, being able to still our mind for awhile is already count as a progress already.

4. We  need to sit down, close our eyes and meditate.

Truth: Monk John’s master once said “We could mediate two times: when our eyes closed and when our eyes opened.” It’s possible to meditate when we walk, we talk and even when we eat. That helps us increase our self-awareness and reduce the wandering thoughts that occur during the day. It also help us control our mind, control our feeling and emotions all at the same time.

5. A meditation retreat will change your mind for good.

Truth: Many people join a meditation retreat expecting that their mind will be transformed for good and they will become happy ever after. On the contrary, meditation is like doing an exercise. We need to keep working out daily if we want to be in a good shape. After joining a retreat, if we don’t maintain the state of clarity, our mind can surely become weak again.

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