Killer Tips to Boost Self-Confidence

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Too scared to speak up and voiced your opinion? This will help you find out the reason behind those struggles and how to overcome it.

There are two things that make people afraid.

  1. I am not loved.
  2. I am not enough.

And these are the two main reason that cause a lot of people to become lack of confidence because whenever giving the speech or sharing opinion in the meeting, it caused people to feel the sense of expectation of how people will react toward them, or response to us their opinions.

As a result, they become too shy, too embarrassed, too afraid to share their opinions or thoughts. The key to solve the problem is actually to transform the way you think.

It is actually when you give opinion, it is not about telling people, making impression towards people but it is how do you impress on yourself. Because self confidence start from WITHIN. Start from YOU believe in what you are talking about, believe in your ideas, your thoughts and opinions, not about other people believing in it.

So, if you try to make an impression, then you will not become yourself, you try to be somebody else that you are not. The further you are from yourself, the harder to become self-confident. The closer you are to yourself, the more you can develop the sense of self confidence.

Whenever you come across the sense of lacking self-confidence or feeling too shy to show yourself, close your eyes, take a deep breath, look inside yourself and go to the thoughts or opinions that you have, what do you really believe in that context, and say exactly as it is, exactly what you believe in. If you can make impression on yourself, you can make impression on others.

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