5 Ways to Let Go of Worries During Meditation

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Five simple ways to let go of all worries

When we have wandering thoughts during meditation time and cannot let go of it. Here are 5 simple ways to let go of worry and anxiety that monk John was sharing on the Mind Stories Facebook group.

As far as we are concerned, there are 2 kinds of problems in this world. The first one is problem that can be solved and another one is problem that cannot be solved. These problems are the main factors that distract our mind while we are meditating, leading to worry and anxiety at the end. Here are 5 simple ways to let go of it:

1. Solve problems that can be solved

As mentioned from the previous paragraph, there are 2 kind of problems. So, before we start meditating, we should fix all the should-be-solve-problem so that we don’t have to worry about it while we meditate.

2.Finding the balance between relaxation and concentration

Observe what we are missing at the moment. If we are missing the relaxation part, we’d better have to relax more and later continue with the concentration. On the other hand, if we are missing the concentration part, we have to follow the meditation techniques.

3. Open those eyes

If we open our eyes, all the wandering thoughts will soon disappear. This is such a simply effective way that we can apply while having difficulty during meditation.

4.Resetting ourselves

Create a carefree feeling until we are sure that we have got the right balance between relaxation and concentrating.

5.Meditate happily and finish the session

If none of the above could not help, at least try to meditate happily and finish the session. Just imagine we are at the place we feel most relaxed, maybe imagine we are sitting on the grass, surrounded by nature or try to recall all the good memory we once had.

“It is not wrong to think in the meditation. This is not sin. But being lazy and do not meditate is.” – Monk John

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