How to Deal with Anger and Disturbance?

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In life, we will experience those kind of moody, touchy, and bad-tempered people from times to times. Whether they are our co-workers, friends, bosses, teachers, or even our enemies, they might there for you as a way to make you grow.

Although facing challenges is unavoidable, but how we deal with them can be different. If we consider life as an investment, we are going to invest our thoughts and feelings with something positive more than something negative. Would you consider investing in things that will bring you unhappiness? That does not sound like a good investment at all.

“Being a good spiritual investor we should be able to make a big problem SMALL not a small problem BIG.” – Monk John

If we make every small problem BIG, we will never achieve peace. There are many bigger life problems that are waiting for us to question our patience. If those risks are unavoidable, we should save our time, energy and feelings to overcoming them instead.

Let’s take it this way, it doesn’t mean that we should ignore all problems that occur in our life but sometimes being a loser in non-critical fight is going to make you a lifelong winner. So, when conflicts like that happen, tell yourself that the only one that you need to win over is yourself.

On the contrary, it is easier said than done. Some days might be easier than others, while other days might be a little bit harder . It is okay if yesterday you lost to your anger. Don’t be too hard on yourself, give yourself a chance because on the next following days, it will get better and eventually you win more than lose. And maybe in the future, you probably win over your mind completely.

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