How Can Meditation Improve relationship?

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Have you ever felt like people should taking care of you more? They should have prioritized you first before anything else? Or even question yourself like “Am I deserve a better group of friends? or a better partner ” and if the answers are YES, in article might be right for you.

Our life always related to one another, whether it’s a kind of working environment, schooling or living next to you neighbor it’s all required people oriented skill. That’s why it is normal if one of us have got relationship problems.

Simply easy way of maintaining relationship is “Meditation” which is all about our mental well-being. Many people don’t understand how this is related to improving the connections between themselves and people around them. But the result of the meditation practice helps us learn how to take control of our minds and emotions. Obviously, the best achievement is an ability to be happy on our own without depending on any people or anything else.

Not many people know how to be happy on their own this way because they has been expecting  to get happiness from people, animal, things and also places but not themselves. Eventually, they forget that people, animals or things aren’t under their control the whole time. When those things don’t meet our expectations, we feel unhappy, and feel miserable too easily. Usually this is when a relationship is shaken.

When we think of a certain person as a source of happiness, we want to stay closer to that person. But when we see a person as a source of unhappiness, we don’t want to stay closer to that person anymore. Then, a relationship may be broken this way.  And that’s what our relationships are based on. It is what we called “Expectation to obtain happiness”. We set our own rules that the direction of happiness should be this way.

But what if our happiness isn’t based on what other people will do to us. Instead of trying to change or control others we focus on changing ourselves. Once we love ourselves and become a better version of ourselves, we will be able to control our mind, feeling and emotion better. We can also share our love to people around us. So, this is the proper direction of love. To love and be loved without expecting anything in return. And that’s the magic of meditation.

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