Why Bad Things Happen to Good People?

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Some people have been doing good things all their life but still, bad things happens to them. Why? Let’s Here the answer from Monk John.

When we talk about Karma, people usually ask this question a lot “Why bad things happen to good people?” To begin with, Karma is an intentional action that leads us to following consequences. Good Karma will lead to positive consequences while bad Karma will lead to negative consequences.

On the contrary, there is a situation when good people suffer. They have been doing good things all their life but they didn’t receive what they deserve. Another case study is when some people who have been doing bad stuff all their life but good things keep happening to them and this seems to contradict to the nature of the Karma. What goes around comes around.

Doing a Karma is like planting seeds of our actions. If we plant a good seed, we are going to enjoy the fruits of a good tree in the future.  Even it takes time for a Karma tree to produce its fruits, but it is happening as same as bad seed as well.


It takes light 8 minutes to travel from the sun to us. The picture of the sun we see is of 8-minute ago is the same for Karma as well. It means that our life at the moment is a collection of our past Karmas and the Karma we are doing now is going to give results in the future.

For those who suffer and don’t receive what they deserve, please keep in mind that they are not facing the result of their present Karmas but their past Karmas instead. If we consider the fact that Karmas from the past are giving results at the present moment we may understand the situation better.


No one really receives only the results of either good or bad Karmas completely. If we look at it this way, no soul remains good or bad forever. We are all under the effects of our own Karmas.
If we are still alive, we have opportunities to create new Karmas and design our future.

That is why everyone of us should treasure our opportunity to be alive so that we can do good things for ourselves and for others and also being able to focus on doing more good Karmas so at the end of the day, we won’t regret that we didn’t take the chance to reshape our destiny.

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