Five mantras to sharpen your idea

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Are you looking for ways to increase creativity? Looking for tools to think fast but still being able to get all the details? Here’s 5 mantras that you can apply in order to boost up your fresh ideas.

1. Thinking Less
As we spend most of our time thinking about the future or the past. Most of our thoughts are wandering around things we can’t control that is draining our energy and time. If we can train our mind to worry less, and think only about something that is more important to us, we will be able to feel happier in the present moment and appreciate the beauty that may be right in front of us.
2. Think Bigger
Always challenge yourself and move towards a bigger goal. Every time we give ourselves a bigger dream that is beyond our capabilities, we won’t be restricted by our own comfort zone. Those who think big will often inspire themselves and others. If we have fun sharing our belief to the right kind of people, we will surely receive the support we need to make a big dream a reality.
3. Think Positive
We always see both positive and negative aspects in our daily life. Think positive means we pay more attention to the positive side more than a negative one. But this does not mean we try to avoid facing the truth that a problem exists. It means that we can still enjoy our life, accepting
and living with the problems joyfully. Once you think about something positive, positive things will come to you. It’s like what the Buddha said

“The mind is everything. what you think, you become”
4. Think Like Successful and Happy People
There are many of those who have walked on the road of success and happiness before us. Why don’t we learn their lessons, their principles, and also their footprints so that we don’t have to make the same mistakes again. Definitely everyone’s journey is unique but this copy and development of a good journey from a good role model will certainly make us feel more confident with every step that we take.
5. Think Thoroughly Until the End
Thinking takes time and energy. But when we DO have to think in order to accomplish a good goal we have to see it through to the end. Good preparation may take 80% of the time but will limit the execution time to only 20% with no error. If we are able to see a clear answer and all doubts disappear from the mind, it means we are ready to proceed with the plan, which is likely to be successful. Thinking thoroughly in all aspects is the key that separates an outstanding mind from an ordinary one.

If we can apply these 4 steps in our life, it will not only sharpen our ideas but it will also cultivate us to think positive and eliminate negative thoughts automatically. And, if anyone has a question, please feel free to join our Facebook Group “Mind Stories” to get a chance to ask and explore on other stories together.

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