Four kinds of true friends

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We will become whoever we surround ourselves with. Your friendships, just like everything else, affect your life. Surrounding yourself with positive people will give you positive energy. On the other hand, surrounding yourself with negative people will drain your energy and make many things negative. Then you might have a question:

“What does a true friend look like? “

Lord Buddha said there are four kinds of them as the following;

Number 1: The Helpers
When you have troubles and do not know how to deal with them? Wouldn’t it be nice if a knight in shining armour appears and solves everything for you? If we put ourselves, in other people’s shoes this might be something people who are in trouble would appreciate as well. The helpers remind us when we are careless. They are our refuge when we are in trouble. They don’t take any advantages of us when we lose things. They always help us more than what we ask for.

Lord Buddha shared that friends who do not leave us when we are in trouble are the true friends. So, when your life is in trouble, one positive aspect of it is that you know who your true friends really are, just by looking around you.


Number 2: The Trusted
There are people who have been with you through thick and thin. They will always be there for you no matter what you face: good or bad situations. They will not leave you when your life is in danger or can possibly sacrifice for your sake. They share with you everything and at the same time they never leak your secrets.

The friends who are always with us are like stars. You know that they always be there and you can look upon them no matter where you are. Having these friends will ensure you never become lonely.

Number 3: The Advisors
Our life can be full of regrettable moments that we want to correct. Wouldn’t it be nice if there is someone who will remind us not to commit more mistakes and encourage us to do more positive things? There are some friends who do not only inspire us to change ourselves but also stay with us no matter how stubborn we are.

If you have these kinds of friends, your life will never fall to the path of destruction. Of course, sometimes they might say something you don’t want to hear but their honesty is worth listening to. We all have something we need to change. And it’s good that there is someone who will speak the truth.

Number 4: The Empaths
Do you have friends who always understand your feelings that sometimes you don’t even need to speak about? Staying with this group of friends is as if you were together with a copy of yourself. The empaths always understand your feelings either positive and negative as if they look through your eyes. They also correct the misunderstandings and judgements that others might have towards you.

These are traits of true friends that we should surround ourselves with. It’s not easy to have met someone with all the traits mentioned. You won’t meet a lot of people with these qualifications. But if you have found one, stay closer to them and your life will be full of positive energy. Don’t forget that you must be a true friend to yourself first. The qualification of being true friends, once you make them a part of yourself, will bring peace and joy no matter what you do and where you are.

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