How to Make a Long Lasting Friendship?

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How to make a long lasting friendship? The answer is very simple: giving. A friendship that is based on regular giving and sharing is a long lasting one. However, this is not only about giving things like money or belongings. Here are a few more things to consider.

Think about it. If your school, workplace or neighbourhood has a friend that always gives you something like cookies, fruits or just a big smile every morning, wouldn’t you already feel the positive energy from that friend? This is just like an old phrase: a giver is always the beloved one. This comes from a positive mindset that the giver wants friends to be happy as well.

Isn’t it simple. Give first and don’t expect to take anything from anyone unless you are the one that is ready and willing to share first. If your relationship with a particular friend turns sour and you cannot imagine the last time you shared something with the friend, giving might be the first thing to break the ice and restore the relationship.

Number 2: Giving Endearing words
As human beings, our speech can make friends or enemies, agreements or conflicts, peace or war. Our words are what people expect to hear. The simple reason is that they can’t read our mind. People always feel curious about what others are thinking. Otherwise, they will have to guess by themselves, which can be right or wrong.

When we love someone but we don’t tell that to the person, how can the person know about it? Would he or she have to assume? This certainly brings insecurity and uncertainty right? We can fix this easily by just saying something endearing to our friends regularly. This does not have to be just a verbal message. Something like emails, social network posts or chatting messages will do as well.

Number 3: Giving Support and Encouragement
When you have troubles and do not know how to deal with them? Wouldn’t it be nice if a knight in shining armour appears and solves everything for you? If we put ourselves, in other people’s shoes this might be something people who are in trouble would appreciate as well. Lord Buddha shared that friends who do not leave us when we are in trouble are true friends.

Whenever someone is in a serious trouble and we do our best to help him or her feel less suffering, our act will always be appreciated and remembered. When you make someone feel that he or she isn’t forgotten, the result of the Karma will make him or her not forget about you as well. This is an invisible bond that connects two souls always and forever.

Number 4: Giving Consistency and Security
How will you be always remembered in someone’s eyes? But what if your behaviors aren’t that consistent. Sometimes, you are happy and you act like an angel. The other day, you are frustrated and you act like a monster. That will make it harder for your friend to understand you or even to cope with your drastic changes. People want security in their relationship. So, anything with consistency and integrity will be appreciated. If your acts are varying rapidly, please be aware that you are potentially making people feel insecure and driving them away from you

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