A Buddhist Lifestyle

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The world that we live in has changed a lot over the past hundred years. We live in an era where all data can be obtained at our fingertips. But one thing that has never been changed is that many people still don’t know what their purpose of life is, why they were born into the world and they don’t feel satisfied with what they have.

No matter how things are changing, we can’t deny the fact that we have to take care of our own minds because the mind is the only tool that helps us understand the truth of life, the existence of all beings and the whole universe.

As we live in a fast-changing world, our lives are getting more complicated. This disturbs the quality of our minds like ink being dropped into the water. When the water loses its clarity, it’s not easy to see what’s in the water. When the mind loses its clarity, we don’t understand everything clearly and easily. This is how ignorance is built up in people’s minds.

The word “Buddha” means the one who knows and knowing requires clarity. How are we supposed to understand the truth of life if our minds isn’t clear? It’s like we look at the world through the glasses that are colored, muddy or dirty.

The Buddhist way of life is, therefore, a lifestyle that helps improve the quality of the mind. First, we stop doing bad Karmas so we don’t drop more ink into the water. Second, we do more good Karmas to add more water and dilute pollution in our minds. Third we purify our mind by meditation. We wait until contamination settles down to the bottom and remove it for good.

Once the mind is clear, we will have clarity to perceive the truth of life in a better way. Better clarity means we can understand more easily. Better understanding means we can accept more easily. Better acceptance means we can let go more easily. And that’s how we can really let of the ignorance, in the mind, that we didn’t know was there the whole time.

This is the Buddhist way of life, stop doing bad things, do more good things and purify the mind. And that’s the enlightenment existing within everyone of us.

“Once the ignorance is gone, the purpose of life within every individual will appear.”

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