5 Pieces of Advice About Communication

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Humans are social beings, that is why communication is one of the most important part in our lives. It not only allows us to be able to understand each other, convey the message but also learn about each other and learn how to live together in peace. But one thing to understand is that our words require a lot of mindfulness in order to speak properly and in order to communicate effectively. We got two eyes with one purpose which is to see. We got two ears with one purpose which is to hear. But we got one mouth with two purposes which are to eat and to speak and both of them require a lot of mindfulness so that we can eat properly and speak properly.

Word is one of the main causes of conflict. People come into disagreement mainly because what they say. If they are not mindful then they can easily offend each other leading to a lot of troubles later on. So in order to speak, there are 5 main factors that we have to take into consideration. If we follow this, it will help us to speak better and become more mindful in our communication.

#1 It Has to be the Truth

Speaking the truth is one of the best ways. Sometimes people may claim that it is better to tell white lie but it is not entirely the truth. The truth is better because no matter when, where and how it is found out, it is always the same facts, the same truth and the same reality. It shows sincerity. So that is why whenever we say something, go back to the truth. It is better to speak the truth than for people to find out it’s a lie later on.

#2 Choose Right Words

And in this sense it’s not only choosing the right words but it also includes choosing the right tone of voice because in order to fully communicate, in terms of speaking,

there are actually three main factors;

1. Words

2. Body gesture

3. Tone of voice.

But actually words is accounted for 7% of the whole communication, while tone of voice is accounted for 38% and body language and body movement is accounted for 58%. You will see that what we include in our communication is even more important than the words itself. Be careful not to choose just the right words but the right tone, making eye contact with people because the eyes are the window of your soul. So these are one of the aspects that become very important in communication.

#3 Communication Must Have a Purpose or Benefits to the Listener

If we are going to tell people something, it has to bring a certain kind of purpose. It has to be meaningful. It has to bring some benefits. Otherwise it will be just a word making people easily offend others.

#4 It All Starts With Kindness

The intention to say something is to be kind. Not aiming to harm one another. It has to be the message that is full of kindness, love and peace. It is actually the intention that we should have in our mind when we make a communication.

#5 Choose the Right Word, Right Time and Right Place

Even though you speak the truth, full of purpose, the choosing the right words, and you are kind but if the listener is not ready to hear it is useless because imagine if you want to give somebody a warning, or suggestion or advice but they are in front of their friends or others they might feel too embarrassed to hear that truth even if it’s full of kindness or it’s a good advice. So choosing the right time and place is the last and the most important key factor that helps us to communicate mindfully.

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