How To Kill That Toxic Ego

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A lot of people ask me how to deal with ego, it begins with understanding what ego is. To put it very simply, ego is the illusion about self. It creates a certain kind of prejudice, bias or understanding about ourselves that might not be true at all. If we stuck in ego, we stuck in that image that we created whether if we attach to our appearance, our birthrights, our knowledge, our wealth and status. So we see ourselves above others. For example, if we confront somebody who may have invaluable knowledge to share but we already stuck in the illusion of “I already know it and I know it best”. It makes your glass become full. There is no space left to fill. That is when we get stuck in that illusion. We don’t really live in the reality. That’s when ego transforms the way we see things. It doesn’t help us to see what’s actually the reality.

So How Can We Let Go of Our Ego? There are some tips that can help us to become less egoistic about ourselves;


#1 Be A Listener

There is a saying which goes, “Fools talk, cowards are silent, wise men listen.” Whenever we are in some places start to become a listener because if we want to be the one who talks all the time it helps our ego to rises up, rises up and rises up.


When we started to settle down, be calm, start taking the information, observing and listening to the people who are talking. It helps us to become less egoistic. We open our mind to try to hear what other people are talking and what they have to share.


#2 Look For Positivity

It is very easy for us to see wrong things in people that they talk too much, they are unshareable, they are not responsible, or they follow the duties. It is very easy for us to see that, but one thing we never see is ourselves. So that is why it is always easy for us to find wrong things in people but never find wrong things in us. If we transform the way we think and try to look at the positive aspects of everyone, “that person is so kind or that person is so nice” in different aspects. That way we have certain things to be appreciative about the person which leads to number 3.


#3 Be Humble

Try to be humble everywhere you go because that way you allow yourself to become less egoistic automatically. The moment you try to spot the positive things in others and express the sense of being humble towards others. You are not going to be the glass full of water anymore. You are going to give yourself a chance to hear what people have to say and appreciate other people around you which leads to number.


#4 Be Respectful

This is very related to number 3. When you become very respectful towards the person, you try to look up to the person as a role model or something good about it that you can look up to instead of looking down on the person and live in your own illusions of being better than others. So when you show respect and be respectful towards other people, places or even situations, it helps you to kill that ego out of your mind.


#5 Be Grateful

When people become grateful about something, they become appreciative of it. And they want to repay the gratitude. In that way, it transform that sense of appreciation into action.


So these are the five rules that can help us let go of our ego. Be a listener. Look for positivity

Be humble. Be respectful. Be grateful. Do it one step at a time. It’s actually quite easy. In that way, we started to let go of our illusions and live in the reality.

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