Tips on How Can We Make A Better Decision

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Life is about making choices. Each and every single day of our lives, we have so many choices to make. And each choice creates differences. It creates results because whenever we do something, every action always brings a result. When we make choices, it creates changes that are happening in our lives. As a result, the clearer our mind is, the better choice we make.

So how can we make better choices? It has to begin with reason, not emotions because emotion clouds our judgement. I’m not saying that emotion is a bad thing, but it transforms everything that you see based on your emotions. For example, if you look at a person’s face with anger, then you are not trying to understand the person, you will look at the person through your anger and you will fall into your own prejudice and bias instead of really trying to know the person. So if we make our choices based on the reasons not emotions we can make better choices. They become very logical.

#1 Pause and Forward

Before making a choice, many times we have so many things to deal with in our lives and we always carry something and connect with some other issues that we already have. For example, if you come back  home from work after a long busy day, it’s not easy to jump right in and deal with things at home when you still have the mind that still connects with everything at your workplace. So if you leave sometime to pause, close your eyes, take a deep breath, ground yourself. Then you can move forward with the choice that you are making in front of you. You can disconnect with all the factors that s are following from other places. That way you can become more focused on what choices do you want to make.

#2 Find Out What We Want

To make choices, it begins with really knowing ourselves and what we really want. Only when we know what we want, we can implement it. So how to know ourselves is the thing similar to number 1. In the process of pause and forward you are able to disconnect yourself from the outside for a while disconnect yourself from what is out there influencing your decision-making and concentrate on learning about yourself and find out what you really want. So that helps you to make much better choices.

#3 Focus on the Method, Not the Result

One of the things that stop people from making choices in their lives because they are afraid to fail. Failing is not a bad thing. Failing is process of learning because learning means time we spent not understanding it, not getting it. So failing is a process of learning, but a lot of times people cannot make  choices in life because they are too afraid to fail or to make mistakes. A human life is full of mistakes. So to concentrate on the process, on the method of implementing the choices that we want to make. In that way, we are actually more focused, attentive and careful on things that we are doing, instead of worrying about how the result would be, what kind of impression people will have about it, because you cannot control that result, there are many other factors that are beyond your control. But the method and the process are something you can do, add, input and that makes a lot of changes.

#4 Plan Your Action

Whatever choices that you are going to make, it has to be implemented. To implement it successfully and effectively, it’s all about planning. Break it down to day by day. Break it down to one step at a time. And you can focus on one thing at a time. And it can make a big choice becomes smaller choices. And the smaller choices are easier. When you make the choices smaller, it doesn’t feel that it creates much of the impact to be afraid of. So that’s why the small choices are easier than the bigger ones. So if you plan the action and break it down to little things, then you can really focus on one thing at a time. That way you can make better choices in your life too.

#5 Review Your Action

To develop everything in our lives, it begins with reviewing everything that we have done and take it as a lesson for us to learn more about it. When we review what we have done, we can make better choices in the future because we have some knowledge and experience about it. We can input experience as a part of decision-making.

So these are 5 main points that we can also use in making decisions in life. Remember, it begins with reasons, not emotions.

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