Tips to Kill the Fear of public speaking

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There are a lot of people who always worry about public speaking or even speaking in general. So, there are some tips that can help us make our speaking more effective. But to be a good speaker, remember that you must be a good listener first. Being a good listener allows you to have more information and knowledge. And that can draw data for yourself that can be an input later on in your speaking. The tips of effective speaking start with;

1. Realize and Understand the Topic or the Issue of Things You Want to Talk About

Imagine if you have a conversation with your friends. And somebody just come in and talk about something completely different out of the blue that has no relevance to any of the things that you are talking about. People will get confuse. The same thing when you are doing public speaking somewhere, it has a certain of kind of topic or theme of the conference and then you speak something completely different out of the theme. Then the audience will misunderstand about what you are talking about.

2. Knowing Detail of the Content

Whatever the knowledge, information and detail of the topic that you want to talk about, know every angle, different analyses, different arguments on the same topic can help you to convey the message more properly and informatively. And that also makes the speech become interesting.

3. Keep Things in Sequential Order

In order to learn something, it’s better to start from easy to difficult. Step one, two, three, four, five. When you lay things down in this sequential order, it helps people to slowly learn, contemplate and understand. Finally, they crystallize the whole idea and really understand what you meant to say. And that is one of the key that is very important. If you start skipping around, jumping around, from back and forth, it makes it very hard to understand and capture the idea of the things that you want to convey.

4. Keep Your Message Very Precise and Concise

Do you remember when you were in school and some of the teachers kept saying things very long without any relevance and purpose. And you felt that you’re wasting your time listening to that speech. It’s actually exactly the point. When we speak and we keep things very precise and concise, straight to the point and keep it limited, we are able to make more impact to the listeners because they can really understand and slowly capture the idea of things that you want to talk about. So less juice, more meat.

5. Give Examples

Stories tell better than words. Can you think back when you were in school? Some of the lessons that you still remember up until today are things that you have sentimental feeling about. Because human brains memorize things based on feelings. It helps us understand and remember better. So when you include examples and stories in whatever you want to tell, it helps people to really understand the concept of things that you want to talk about and it makes our speaking become effective.

So public speaking is something that a lot of people always worry and even afraid of but if you prepare yourself better with this five tips, you can actually speak much better in public.

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