5 Steps to Handle Stress At Work

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5 step to handel stress

Stress is one of the very of common problems that people are enduring in the modern days. The faster our lives, the more stress we have. What is stress? Stress is a physical response to a situation that disturbs your balance or basically it is called a “threat”. It is not entirely a bad thing. Stress is actually what help us to become more focused and energetic to deal with certain kinds of issues or problems at a given time.

What becomes bad is the chronic stress. The kind of stress that triggers every single time automatically and still on the stress process until you become too energetic, too focused, until we cannot settle down at all. That’s why the body becomes very stimulated and agitated that creates a lot of negative effects. We always have the feeling that there are too many things to do and too little time to do them. That’s why in the modern world we suffer a lot from stress.
There are few tips that you can use in order to deal with stress at wor

#1 Reset Before You Begin

Each and every single time before you begin new activities, if you reset your mind for just a little bit, it helps you disconnect from the issues that you have beforehand. So you don’t carry the stress that you have before into the new things that you are about to do. For example, if you are going to go home after working and you give yourself that reset time so it helps you be more focused on the interaction with your family rather than just carrying the stress from work and putting your anger at your family. A short reset can be done very simply by closing your eyes, taking a deep breath, feeling that you are surrounded by everything, listening and hearing everything that is happening around you until you realize where you are and realize your presence. Just a short reset and when you open your eyes you will start to become more focused and attentive on things that are right in front of you.

#2 You Can Upgrade That Reset to One Minute in Every One Hour of Reset Time

You can even make a little alarm on your computer screen or your mobile phone to make a short one minute pause in every one hour so that you can have one minute for your mind and another 59 minutes for your work. In that way, you give your mind a chance to reset. Imagine if you have a computer and you use it all the time. What will happen to the computer if you use it for the whole week, it started to show a lot of errors right? So what you need to do after that happen is to reset the computer. Our mind is likewise. If you reset the mind constantly, it clears the cache in the mind and it helps us become more attentive.

#3 Plan and Enforce

We have a lot of things to do. We have a lot of responsibilities. Many times we feel like we are being dragged to different sides. But if we plan the whole thing the day or even the night before going out there to work, if we plan before going to sleep, it allows us to at least have certain kinds of things in check, these are the things we have to do and to run down the whole day and enforcing it and keeping the discipline of the time. In that way, it helps us become more at ease. It helps us to go throughout the day without much of the feeling of being stressed.

#4 Let Go of Expectation

One of the main points that make people become very stressed at work because they expect a lot from the results. They feel that they have to make a lot of impression, what people would feel?, what people would think about it?, what the results would be?, how can I control every angle? But you can’t control all of that. So let go of the expectation, which is related to number 5.

#5 Embrace Every Challenge

Look at every situation, problem, issue, hindrance as a challenge that you can learn or take it as a lesson. It’s about dealing with one thing at a time right in front of you, not millions of things later on that you cannot control.

So these five tips allow you to be more at ease and less stressed at workplace. Just do it one step at a time but remember, it begins with having the mind with yourself.

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