Simple Habits that make changes in life

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A lot of people talking about making big changes in life but how to do that?

It begins by knowing what change that you need to make, and that means you need to know yourself. So the very first habit that we should develop and should do constantly is self realization or self examination, to look inside ourselves instead of looking things around us, looking at what other people are doing, dreaming of. Search for the capacity you got, passion, interest, so you know what needs to be changed.

Such as adjustment to reach that goal, because a lot of time a lot we are doing many things in a day, without asking why we are doing so? Or why we are trying to make changes or try different things, is it because it looks nice when we post on Facebook pages, regardless of our own will of interest?

So that is why the habit that people need to create is self examination, to look inside themselves and that requires to have a moment of silence with themselves, without any technology, without any distractions, self reflection, that is the number one factor toward change.

After you identify, what kind of changes you want to make, you will be aware about your flaws, first you need to accept that your flaws, cause without accepting the flaw you will always believe that we are perfect, that we don’t need to make any changes in life. So this is why second factor is to realize what kind of change you need to make,list them. Make them from short term goals to long term goals and then concentrate on one task a time.Another one is to be discipline. Discipline is the key. Start with simple discipline you can do in life, and you start creating the snowball effect into a bigger effect.

For example, if you want to be more committed to something, maybe you can start with commitment to small tasks at home first,like cleaning up your toilet, or rearranging your bedroom, keeping things clean, or make up your bed right after you get up every day so you create a habit to be more thorough, try to be committed to more than one thing even though it’s hard but keep cultivating or create a habit.

For example to be mindful about your diet, make notes of things around you, keep notes on your wall so when you wake up you can see that, so that can be your reminders that can help become disciplined and that will lead to the change, because change can only happen when you constantly, intentionally be committed to change you want and need to make.

First be sure about the change you need by self examination. And remember that change is for yourself that comes from you not from other people around you, because that is the change that you really want and you really need to achieve. 

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