Tips to keep your new year resolutions

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Why you need to give yourself attention first_

Many people want to begin a new year with a new life and a new beginning. We all are trying to change ourselves and become a better version. But according to a research, more than half of people who make new year’s resolutions fail to keep them. Some even stop working on them after the first week. I’d like to share my thoughts on how to make your resolution stick and keep your dream alive. 

Number 1: Don’t count the days up, start counting them down

A year isn’t infinite. It has an exact number of days either 365 or 366. If we count the days up, we don’t see how many days we have left. That makes us easily postpone what we want to do and we can end up doing nothing at all by the end of the year.

Why don’t we start counting down, now we have only 365 days left to go and tomorrow that’s going to be 364. We are not saying goodbye to the year on December 31st.

But we are saying goodbye to a day every midnight. On January 2nd, we can’t use January 1st anymore so that we aren’t going to slack off and forget about what we have to do.

Number 2: Think about what you have to stop doing

Don’t think only about what you will start doing to complete your resolutions. Also think about what you have to stop doing. While making resolutions adds new things to do in our life, it won’t add more time to our availability.

Something new is not going to be a part of our life if we don’t quit doing things that are not productive, irrelevant or bad habits.

This is about choosing what really matters at the present moment. It’s time to let go of things that are holding us back, not necessary or not important anymore.

Number 3: Tell yourself that things might not be the same next year

Sometimes something is now or never but we still have a load of beautiful excuses not to do it. Just tell yourself that if you postpone this year, there is no guarantee that next year is going to be the same. Your strength or health is an example.

We are getting older every year. While the heart remains the same, the body is not anymore. It will obviously be harder at some point if your resolution deals with physicality. Opportunity is also impermanent.

It’s hard to tell if they will be abundant or hard to find. The best way to fight uncertainty is not to let your dream stay in an unpredictable future.

Number 4: Don’t be afraid to fail

No one wants to make a mistake but that should not make us do nothing at all. Everybody screws up. And even if we end the year by not achieving what we wanted, the experience gained will give us new perspectives on how to strive in the same resolution more determined or  approach it differently.


As the sky isn’t going to be dark forever, our future of having a successful resolution will become bright one day. Just focus on getting back on track and not the failure.

Number 5: It’s better in a team.

It’s undeniable that we can be discouraged with a hard resolution. But discouragement isn’t going to happen to anyone at the same time if we work in a team.

When we feel discouraged but still see other people trying, that sight gives us a significant amount of effort to continue  making the resolution come true.

When our negative inner voices are loud, we also need to hear endearing words from our cheering peers to combat the inner protests. Keep your eyes on the friends that keep trying. Don’t focus on the quitting ones though.

Hope this will more or less inspire you to stay on track of making your new year’s resolution come true. If you have any tips or success stories, please share with us here. Wish you a happy and memorable year to enjoy.

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