Money-Life Balance

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Money is definitely one of the most important aspects of life. Although people look at money in a negative way, we need money in order to be medium for transferring and exchanging necessities for life. As a result money becomes important, but there are other important factors in life where balance is needed, which can be broken down into 4 aspects.

Number 1 is to be responsible for our physical well being or our health.


Nobody can look after your health better than you do. Health is something that after it is jeopardized, it can not be regained to the original state again, once its gone its won’t be the same, so look after it just like an engine. The body is an engine which needs consistent maintenance so it can be used for the long run.

Number 2 is the responsibility towards the people around you, such as your relationships with your friends, your partner, colleagues, parents, and your teachers, with people that matter to you.

Because at the end of the day no matter how much money you make, it will never fill the loneliness gap in your mind.

It’s only people that matters to you that actually make you feel whole, feel complete, feel surrounded by, it is something that you can never buy from anywhere. As a result, it will require to spend some time with them, to do your part as a husband, as a boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, son, daughter, and parents. 

Number 3 is for your career.


Of course this is the time to make money. It is also important that working hard comes along with working smart. That means that you need to constantly examine yourself in terms of your career. What changes should be brought, where have you reached, what should be done to be more passionate and how can I improve? How to spend less time but more gain. That is the key, and that is sometimes that we need to reflect, not just to work but to evaluate how we work.

Number 4. is to be responsible for our own mind, to look after our own mind, for mind detoxification, mind well being, enhancement otherwise we can never have enough energy to complete other aspects at all.

We can never have a clear head to be with people that we care about. We never have the fresh mood in the mind in order to go to work. So make time to be alone with yourself, for mental health and  mental enrichment.

These four factors keep things in balance and all of them requires time, 24 hours to 7 weeks. So if you want to know what is the balance between money and your life, it goes back to these four aspects and you will see that it always begins with your mind.

The moment that your mind is adjusted, the moment your mind is organized, the moment your mind is rearranged, then you can rearrange the time in your life. You can prioritize them and that’s when you can find the balance. 



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