How to let go of ego and enjoy life?

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Ego is the attachment to the idea of “myself”. Normally it can be considerded as living in an illusion. We create an image of ourselves and it appears right in front of us and we work in order to live according to that image, an image of how people should see us and recognize us. We put a lot of effort; using different cosmetic products,  brand names, certain kinds of clothing, certain kinds of places to be seen because it’s the idea of ourselves. Ego is the attachment to that self idea without regarding the reality.

People get so attached to that ego, they are basically living in  the illusion of themselves. They don’t acknowledge reality of themselves which means that if they do something bad, wrong, or making mistakes, they wouldn’t acknowledge them at all because they trap themselves in that illusion. That’s how ego influences the way we make decisions. It leads us to make wrong and negative decisions easily.

let go ego

So the question would be; how to overcome it? Overcoming ego starts with detachment from the idea of self and acknowledging the true value of ourselves;  such as we are not perfect, we have strength and flaws. If we only live in our illusion that we are perfect; we are superior over others, then we won’t see the mistake and flaws that we have which can be developed to be better. So, acknowledging ourselves, the good side and the bad side that exists around us, is actually the way to overcome ego. To do so, start by being humble; it is the way to step out of the illusion and acknowledge reality.

The second part is to appreciate others more, to acknowledge the good things that others have or characters they posses, so we don’t trap ourselves as being more superior and live in that illusion. Then, we will be able to see people whom we can learn from, be motivated to develop, be better than who we are right now. That is how to overcome ego.   


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