Finally get over procrastination in 5 steps

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Finally get over procrastination in 5 steps

Procrastination is one of the most common problems that a lot of people are facing and want to solve and develop themselves to overcome it. Procrastination reduces our confidence and our willpower to achieve something. If we keep procrastinating, at one point, we will feel very tired. We will feel like we can’t keep up with all the demands, requirements, and duties. As a result we will start to become much lazier, have less willpower to achieve more. If we can stop procrastinating, we can gain more within a limited time. We can be more productive and have much better performance. There are 5 simple tips to stop procrastination.

Stop snoozing 

Number 1: Stop snoozing 

If we keep snoozing our alarm clocks, we keep delaying the time to get up. We already reduced the first victory that we can have on that day. The moment that we decide to overcome our sleepiness and get up on time that we preset, that is actually the first winning, the first achievement of the day which also signifies the rest of the victory that will come up afterward in the whole day, but if we keep snoozing everyday, we will develop the habit of postponing and procrastinating. We can always have an excuse to say “later, we still have enough time” and at the end of the day, we always finish things at the very last minute.  


Number 2 : Plan your day before going to bed

Our day begins when you go to sleep, not after you get up. If you wait until the morning to plan the day, it’s already too late. So, if you plan a day before going to bed, you already know what are the things you have to do on the next day, everything is already planned out. So, we become less haste, become maybe less hectic and we may be able to achieve more and just going along the plan which will be very helpful to stop procrastinating because if we have things that is well planned, we are able to keep the track of time and complete one thing at a time. 

Be organized

Number 3: Be organized

If we keep things organized, it will help to keep our thoughts in order. When our thoughts are in order, we can keep things as planned, we can implement things as we have preset. That means  everything is done more efficiently and effectively. When we try to develop a habit to be more organized, then we automatically start to become less chaotic, become less hectic. A lot of time when we feel there are a lot of things to do, but we can’t do it because everything is so chaotic, so messy, so clustered. If we decluster them all, that will help organize things in our mind, as a result, it will help us to organize everything and prioritize them and that begins by training of simple things to organize that you can see, you can touch and your thoughts will be organized.

Keep your time

Number 4: Keep your time

Whatever you plan ahead, if you don’t keep the track of time, it will not be implemented. By keeping the discipline of time, we will automatically prioritize things. We will notice that this is the thing that we have to cut short, this is the thing that we have to go first. So keeping the discipline of time will help you to stop procrastinating which also relates to the last tip.

Keep your words

Number 5 : Keep your words

Your words are the commitment that you give to others. It’s a promise, so if you value your words,  whatever promise that you give, we always try to keep it. That actually develops the willpower to say “no” to something or say “yes” to act immediately instead of saying things to do later on. It will be changed to “doing now” instead of “later”. And that changes a lot, keeping your promise, keeping your words. Stop saying “later”, start saying “now”, then you will stop procrastinating. It is a habit, it will take some time to develop but if you go through this one step at a time, day by day, one day you will be able to stop procrastinating and understand the value of time. We can gain more out of the limited time that we have. 

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