Why not all are born beautiful and enjoy a good life?

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Why not all born beautiful and enjoy a good life?

Why are we born different?

It’s not about how we are born different in order to improve our life. No matter who you are, of course, you can be the master or the owner of your own future. You can decide what you want to do in life. You can hold the success in your hand. 

But is everything predetermined because it seems that we cannot change the present and we cannot change the past? We can do the best of the present, but the result of the present is going to have its effect in the future. Or you can say that we can change the present, but of course you cannot change yesterday and you cannot change things that happened to you until now, because those might have been your identity. 

We cannot change the past, because this is about the result of our past Karmas. We have past karmas, present karmas and future karmas. We have what we did in the past, what we are doing now and what we’re going to do in the future.

It means that when we talk about the concept of karma it is not only about our present life, is not only about the present moment, but it is about the past moment. It’s about the collections of the whole karmas we have been doing until now.  Specially in Buddhism, this also includes the combination of karmas that we did in past lives. When we talk about past lives it is not about last year, it’s not about when you were five years old and it’s not about when you were young like boys and girls, 

The effects of karma are somehow like trees when we plant a seed. A seed is going to be a tree in the future. And this seed takes a while to grow, sometimes not one year, not two years. Some seeds may take 5 years, some seeds may take 10 years and some may take more years. Some seeds take more than one lifetime to grow. Think about when you plant a tree, if you plant some flowers, maybe they’re going to take some months to grow. But if you plant a big tree with a big trunk and branches, these kinds of trees could take 10 years to grow. So different seeds and different trees can take different times. It’s the same with Karmas, some old karmas are resulting until our present life. And that’s why we were born different in terms of physical appearance, in terms of upbringing, in terms of where we live, in terms of how fortunate we are in our life. 

Now it’s about how we can change the future, because what we are doing now, the seed that we are planting at the present moment is going to grow and may become big trees that keeps the result of these karmic seed in the future and here is where we should be careful because sometimes some karmas will result in fortunate consequences and some karmas result in unfortunate consequences. 

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