Feeling like you have so much to do?

Bombarded with works and to-do list?

Feeling like life is overwhelming you so hard?

Here is another tool to get you through the day, a tool within yourself which is called ‘MEDITATION’

Not convinced just yet ? Let’s find out more 

What are the benefits of meditation? 

Why practice meditation and learn Buddhism wisdom with a Teaching Monk online?

Meditation is very simple and useful. 

Our teaching monk can shed the light on a secret nature of the mind and a simple daily practice that will guide you to correct practice in which you can reap the benefits of meditation.

Why practice Online Meditation with Us?

Meditating as a group can bring forth a deeper experience through encouragement and collective energy during the practice. In any unfavorable circumstances or distance, the group energy will uphold our will power to sit through the session at ease.

What you'll get

A Regular Online Session 
once a month.

We hope you can join this session to cultivate positive energy together.

Upcoming Sessions

Start your first session here 

A loving-kindness meditation by Lp Jacky.


In the month of Love, let’s fill the world with love and peace through a Loving Kindness Meditation with LP Jacky.


START 12:00 PM (GMT)

Thursday 11th February 


10 mins : Introduction and Welcome

45 mins : Loving-Kindness Meditation

15 mins : Q&A


Interactive session on ZOOM

Hosted from Thailand. This session starts in:

When you sign up today 

You will receive:

7 days Stress Management Program [ For free ] 

You can reduce stress and prevent burnout, as well as transform anxiety and anger into resilience 

Let’s allow meditation and mindfulness to be a part of your life.


Who is Teaching Monk?

Buddhist Monks follow a life of simplicity, obeying 227 rules, which allows them to have more time and discipline to meditate.

Our Teaching Monks have been leading meditation and mindfulness for self-development, personal growth, and empowerment for more than ten years worldwide. Regarded as a “life-changing” and “turning point” experience by many – the wise Buddhist monks will offer to discuss a vast range of your questions.

Why should you join this session?

1.you can rest to recharge and deal with stress, anxiety, or sleeping problems

2.you can start from zero or go deeper with your meditation through live group practice and learn how to maintain a regular meditation practice

3.you can interact with a real Buddhist monk

4.you can create happiness and peace inside yourself, no matter the outer circumstances

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a free video conference service that we use for our online meditations, which works on mobiles, tablets, and desktop computers. In this application, we can interact by video, use a chat box to meet everyone, and ask questions. Please install the Zoom software before joining the session.


Our online meditation group is a great place to start! 

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We’re here to support you in your practice.

A daily practice can be life-changing

It is the right time to meditate

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