Mind Stories App Support

Mind Stories App provides an easy way to access the Mind Stories content on mobile phones. Users can browse Mind Stories contents as well as meditate with provided meditation guidance from teaching monks wherever they are.

Getting started

In order to use Mind Stories App, an internet connection is required at all time. This is because the contents are not pre-installed with the app but fetched every time the app is launched on users’ mobile phones. All UI pages are displayed in English only.

The app's main screen

The app’s main screen has three tabs available at the bottom of the page: stories, meditation and settings.

The stories tab

The stories tab shows contents downloaded from the mind stories website. New contents will be visible once they have been successfully uploaded. You can also enable notifications on the setting tab. Stories are grouped into categories, which are presented at the top of the page. Once clicked, the screen will show only stories that belong to a certain category.

The meditation tab

The meditation tab shows meditation guides that are hosted online on our Mind Stories’ cloud. Presently they can’t be downloaded and stored locally. This feature is currently considered and in upcoming versions users might be able to download the store selected meditation tracks on their local devices.

The setting tab

Users can enable and disable new stories’ notifications on the setting tab. They can also switch between light and dark mode as well. The moment the light and dark mode switching is experimental. Some pages might not be correct displayed in the selected mode.

Further assistance

Users who need further assistance are encouraged to the a Mind Stories’ Facebook user groups here.