The power of respect

9 Jul 2020

Respect is an important value of human being. Because of respect, we allow society to function the way it should be. Normally people misinterpret respect, they take respect as the meaning of being submissive to others but it’s not actually that way. The word respect means to open our mind to see good things in other people, so that we can start to appreciate positive things around us and we can appreciate the good things around us and absorb those values into our self, so the benefit of respect is that we can see good things in others instead of looking at the wrong things and keep blaming them all the time and finally we can never evolve from the current state. That is actually the meaning of respect.

How to develop respect? You cannot give something that you don’t have. You can give it to others only when you have it. In order to be respectful to others, it means you need to see good things in yourself. Day by day, if you take the practice of meditation and mindfulness, it allows you to make the self- exploration, to see what values I have in me, and then what kind of values that make me become better, exist in other people, places, situation and object and how can I be better than who I am today, that is actual benefit of respect and how to develop them. The moment you start to have respect towards yourself, see the values that hidden within yourself, then you can see the values around you and you will notice how beautiful the world can be.

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