The best time to meditate

18 Nov 2019

A question most people ask, who wants to try meditation is when the best time to do it? Theoretically, meditating in the morning should be easier because the mind has not been contaminated by many thoughts. The mind is clear as a clean glass of water and we don’t even need to use meditation techniques to bring the mind to the state of standstill, peaceful and focus. Morning meditation also makes the mind strong, wise, full of positive energy and ready to begin a new day.

When the mind is positive, it attracts positive things and repels negative things. However, meditate before going to bed is recommended. Our mind can be full of thoughts for the whole day. If we don’t clear them out, they will stay with us throughout the night that creates problems like not being able to sleep properly, having nightmares or waking up feeling exhausted. If we invest a few minutes of meditation to remove thoughts from the mind, we are already preparing ourselves for a new day. It’s like the saying, a new day begins when you go to sleep. It does not begin just when you wake up.

For those of you who have been meditating for a while and want to improve your meditation, wisdom from the master, ‘The best time to meditate is just two: when our eyes are closed and when they are open’. It means that in a day, you can meditate in any posture, standing, sitting, walking or even lying down. You can try to feel the center of the body in all activities. This will add more awareness to your inner self than letting the mind be totally exposed to the external environment.

When we practice more and more, it will become more natural like breathing. We don’t need to tell the body to breathe, but it does it by itself naturally in all activities. The mind is the same. The center of the body is the home of the mind. If we show the mind it’s home often, it will not travel away too far and always come back to its home to rest safe and sound.

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