How long should we meditate?

4 Dec 2019

Most of the people who meditate always have a question about the amount of time, how long they should meditate?

The answer is until impurities in the mind settle down and the mind has regained its original clarity. If we compare the mind with a clear glass of water, problems, challenges and dissatisfaction we face everyday in our everyday life add impurities like ink or dirt to the water until the water becomes murky. The original goal of meditation is to return the mind to its original purity. How do we do it?

We do nothing and wait similar to when we place the glass down, stop stirring the water and wait for sediment to settle down to the bottom of the glass. That will take a while.

The mind that remains in its original purity will contribute benefits to your health, productivity, personality and happiness. And if we try to maintain this clarity the whole day by being more mindful of how we think, speak and act, the clarity of the water will also be maintained for the whole day.

When we come back to a new meditation session, we will be surprised that it does not take much time for the mind to reach the same depth of clarity and we can enjoy being in that peaceful moment even longer. You will also discover that there is stillness within stillness, clarity within clarity, purity within purity and happiness within happiness and that is when the true journey of inner peace has begun.

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